Our Brand

Arte di Pietra

Our History

Arte Di Pietra D’Arte Macael is a company founded by Miguel Cruz Sorroche, in the 70s’ dedicated to working natural stone.

Since then we have look for customer satisfaction. During these four decades we are dedicated to work and transform the stone into projects and products to all kinds of professionals, as architects, interior designers, landscapers can design or imagine.

To do this, we don´t hesitate to look for best materials, signing partnership agreements with companies, and with these materials get to make products which exceed all the expectations of all those who acquire.

Our background on natural stone, with technical capacity to develop projects that customers give to us. We also have the latest technology developed for the production of Natural Stone, ours own or the network of collaborating companies that have structured to provide a complete service, covering all aspects of processing, cutting, carving, turning, etc… Built in recent years cutting water or Water-Jet, adapting to natural stone, making all kinds of special works.

For all the above service we intend to give, scolds quality with the price, giving a complete service for both personal projects of great technical difficulty, and final service.

Arte di Pietra, in recent years, combines the experience of traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology, adapting production processes to each product or project.


La piedra natural es la esencia de Arte Di Pietra